"Plant Music and Watch the Garden Grow!"
Past Show
Bridget’s Music Garden of Songwriters featuring Bridget Brigitte, Cynthia Hammond, Steven Ybarra, Lindsey Yung, Candice Graham. In support of Women's International Center and San Diego Food Bank. 7:30-10pm. Superb dinner menu at award-winning Anthology - the chic, modern and exclusive musical gem of San Diego’s hip Little Italy. 1337 India Street San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 595-0300

Show History
Some Posters from Past Shows

Bridget's Music Garden of Songwriters is a music series devoted to exposing original songwriters in an artist-friendly environment through shows that ideally have an equitable mix of women and men that reflect the diversity of the international communities we come from. After expenses, proceeds go to the performing artists and help support benevolent causes such as human and animal rights, disaster relief, and environmental protection.

We all had a great time!

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Origins of my Music Garden
- Notes from the Songwriter Bridget Brigitte...

After years of playing in and producing multi-artist music shows around San Diego and exposing the talents of more than 200 songwriters in clubs including Humphrey's, I have decided to name my series the "Music Garden" to reflect the organic nature of these evenings!