"...music is a garden whose bees join and bring every separate flower together." - Bridget Brigitte

Origins of my Music Garden

- Notes from the Songwriter
Bridget Brigitte...

After years of playing in and producing multi-artist music shows around San Diego and exposing the talents of more than 200 songwriters in clubs including Humphrey's, I have decided to name my series the "Music Garden" to reflect the organic nature of these evenings!

Some Causes that can benefit from a Music Garden


If you're here it's because something in you is musical..you love to listen, or play, or get lost in the entrancing rhythms that have added to our lives since the beginning of time. The city of New Orleans is often credited with being the birthplace of Jazz - a mixture of Cajun, African, Caribbean, Native American and emerging American music. Jazz of course has provided the building blocks of Rock n' Roll and basically most of the music we hear on the radio today. Hurricane Katrina, as we know, overtook the city and Gulf Coast in 2005 and in 2006 only about 10% of the city was operational (according to verbal accounts from real people there, not media accounts to comfort the public into forgetting about the city), so not only did the hurricane cause a great humanitarian tragedy, but a musical tragedy as well. Part of this Garden wants to address the disruption in the New Orleans Jazz tradition and continue to plant seeds (new & old) for its regeneration. World-renown clubs like Anthology have been key to nurturing the richest elements of Jazz. Other causes that my music and shows have supported in the past include Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, GoGirls Music, Breast Cancer Research, Grammy's MusicCares, Vietnamese American Women Artists, and more. I hope to bring some fruits of this Garden to some of my favorite causes like the Women's International Center, 2 Life 18 Help and Rescue Continuing Katrina Relief, Habitat-NOLA.org's Musician's Village (New Orleans) in association with Harry Connick Jr. and the Neville Brothers, and the Asian American Repertory Theatre. Thanks for being with us!

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